Black & Decker Lithium Drill and Project Kit Review

Black & Decker Lithium DrillThere are a number of great cordless electric drills and drivers on the market at the moment, but the Black & Decker Lithium Drill and Project Kit stands out for a number of reasons. For one, it comes with a large assortment of useful tools and accessories. 66 extra bits, hand tools and accessories have been included in this particular project kit, which covers just about anything that the amateur craftsperson is likely to need.

The lithium-ion battery after which the drill takes part of its name is one of the most technologically advanced batteries on the market today, and holds its charge much better than the older NiCad batteries that many tools still use. This small tool set represents a complete solution for common DIY projects around the house, and comes in a lightweight package that many people will enjoy.

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Product Features

green_check_mark_button_image_500_clr High Quality 20 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery. This battery will hold its charge for up to 18 months without charging, and offers hours of continuous use- more than enough to complete most domestic tasks easily.
green_check_mark_button_image_500_clr Adjustable 11-Position Clutch. Dial in the right amount of torque with the adjustable clutch. This will help you avoid stripped screws and overdriving.
green_check_mark_button_image_500_clr 66 Included Accessories And Hand Tools. This makes the Black & Decker Lithium Drill and Project Kit more than just a drill – included in the package are common necessaries like a strong, lightweight hammer, wrench and pliers, and an impressive assortment of drill bits.
green_check_mark_button_image_500_clr Lightweight And Easily Portable. The drill, along with all of the tools, all fit in an easily carried lightweight nylon bag, making it a clear choice for the average home’s go-to toolkit.
green_check_mark_button_image_500_clr 3/8 Inch Chuck Made Of Metal. The all-important chuck is thoughtfully designed and crafted out of metal, ensuring a tight fit that reduces wobble and gets tasks done quickly and efficiently.

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Pros And Cons

Black & Decker Lithium KitThe Black & Decker Lithium Drill and Project Kit is a great all-purpose tool kit to have around whenever you need light repairs done around the house. The addition of extra tools, tape measure, wrenches and other necessary hand tools makes it an ideal on-the-go solution to many common problems. The fact that all of these tools fit easily into a single bag make it a useful kit to keep in the car, where space might be a priority.

The one disadvantage to this tool set is that while the lightweight carrying case is very welcome, it does not provide a simple means of keeping the bits and tools well organized. Dedicated pouches for each of the different tools would be a great improvement to the Black & Decker Lithium Drill and Project Kit.


This is an all-purpose toolkit targeted at the amateur user who is need of a basic go-to solution for small jobs around the house. For this purpose, it performs a stellar job. While the Black & Decker Lithium Drill and Project Kit may not be the most powerful available, it is a great and versatile starter kit for anyone who wants to be able to tackle simple crafts projects without trouble.

Here’s what one owner of the Black & Decker Lithium Drill and Project Kit had to say:

“Nice machine good complement, works very well good size strong battery ,can get the job done fast without charge the battery. This combo comes with all tools you need.”

(C. Torre)

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Black & Decker

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