How To Select The Right Drill Bit

When you need to drill a hole it’s important that you select the right drill bit for the job you need to do. There are lots of different drill bits to pick from so having a general understanding of what will work best is a good first step when learning to use your new cordless drill. The standard, original drill bit is used for drilling through wood, drywall or plastic. These bits typically come in kits with various sizes and may be all you’ll need for simple repairs or installations around the house.

Of course, if you plan on using your drill on glass, metal, concrete or heavy lumber then you’ll need to start looking at more specialized drill bits that are built for drilling through specific substrates. In this video you’ll get a quick tutorial on what drill bits work best where and why. Drill bits are used for a variety of tasks and come in many different sizes. The shank is the end of the bit that goes into the drill and the cutting end is what drills the hole. A drill bit and tap size chart is also useful to keep in your toolbox for easy referencing of the correct screw size or hole.






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