Turning Your Cordless Drill Into A Power Screwdriver

Every household has at least one or two screwdrivers around the house. Screwdrivers probably represent the most commonly used tool in any household. So how can your cordless drill possibly replace these age old tools? Well the answer is that a cordless drill can take your screw driving tasks and make them super fast with very little effort when you know what to do. In this video produced by the folks at Black and Decker you’ll learn just how easy it is to instantly convert your drill into a powerful little screw driving machine.

With a built in clutch to help regulate the rotational speed and a forward / reverse switch the cordless drill is already built to handle screw driving. All it needs are the correct screw bits and you’re good to go. The tool used in the video is actually a Black and Decker Cordless Screw Gun. However, the same functionality is still available on the cordless drills for the most part. If you had to have only one tool, the cordless drill is quite versatile and can be used for cutting holes, wirebrushing metal, as a sander and as a power screw driver too, making it a smart choice for anyone’s tool box.






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